Psychotherapy with Birgit Wolz PhD, MFT Occidental, Sonoma County, California

  • Are you feeling depressed, anxious, stuck?
  • Do you struggle with addiction or compulsion?
  • Are you grieving a loss?
  • Are you missing joy and fulfillment?
  • Would you like to be more confident?
  • Do you want to be more authentic, feel more centered, more at peace?
  • Or are you looking for couples therapy?


  • I offer the most effective form of therapy for your specific needs to make lasting changes possible.
  • Our work can be deeply transformative. Together we will recognize and bring forth qualities such as: your strength, hope, inner peace, purpose and joy.
  • I am available to explain clearly what I observe about your process.
  • Effective therapeutic methods can help resolve deep-seated emotional problems.
  • To heal emotional and physical health problems, I offer therapies that work with the body/mind system.

To learn about my work in the field of Cinema Therapy, check out my book as well as online courses and Cinema Therapy certificate progams.